The thing I do to keep myself functional even when situations are upside down..

Whenever something happens that leaves us in a drill:emotionally, we go through feelings like anger, hatred, constant feeling of void, agitation, worthlessness, helplessness and so on.. In such a state these feelings capture us in a way that we tend to think that this is all that is, this is the way things are and will remain to be.. They seem to make “sense” in a way that nothing else matters to us anymore.. We tend to loose interest in anything and everything that mattered to us before the situation occurred.. It is true what we feel and yes, it is as important as you think it is.. But, in this condition the one single thing we usually do is that we change the way we act or respond! 

It is completely alright to feel the way we do feel, but major loss occurs because we choose to react and not pro act on the things that line up later on.. We ignore the things that once were important to us and we loose touch with all that used to matter so much.. 

If we really ask ourselves a single most important question: what i would have done ‘if and only if ‘ this situation wouldn’t have happened? Would I still react or act in the same way i am now? Or would a particular thing matter more to me ? The answer we will get will be more rational and more sensible, because it will come from a ‘self’  which you really are..

So in order to stop loosing the things that you always wanted and you could have or be and remain fully functional even in bad state of mind all you can do is rewind back to the time where you were “you” and remind yourself of what “you” would do if not the situation had occurred! 

So make a list of all the things that mattered or you were doing or you are supposed to do to remain functional and act on them no matter how much resistance your mind applies.. It can be your daily chores, your work related activities or may be the things that made you happy like painting, or playing with your pet or spending time reading.. Anything and everything you should do and used to do, should be on the list.. Check the items in your list daily.Make it a habbit to do it even in the lowest of the mood. In the process also work on embracing your feelings and stabilizing them.. But most importantly do not ignore what ‘you are supposed to do!’ 

After a while you will thank yourself for doing what you did and not loosing yourself to some situation in the past! And seeing the results of your hardwork to fight your weaknesses, you will gain the confidence and strength to handle any situation that comes along…